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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We provide many services in our field, the most important of which are:

* Preparing and training certified trainers.

* Support the trainers with the training and other materials they need, at appropriate costs.

* The accreditation system for training materials and centers, the equivalence of trainers ’certificates, and provision of accredited certificates and certificates for trainers and trainees.

* Providing general and special training programs by high-quality consultants and trainers, according to the TNA, 4 MAT, HBDI system, and others.

* Marketing for certified trainers from the Federation and others on the site ... and other services.

Our coaches and advisors:
They practised training, development, and consulting for a long time, and for a group of major companies in several fields, and they have international credits, including but not limited to:

  • -The International Union of Psychological Engineering Trainers (INLPTA).
  • -The British Academy for Human Resources Development (HRDA).
  • - International Academy of Calligraphy Analysis (IAHA) and the American   Board of Hypnosis (ABH).
  • -The British Chapter Management of Cerebral Domination (HBDI) and others.

There are many parties that have benefited from the advice and courses of our experts, for example:

  • -Toyota International.
  • - SABIC.
  • -Aramco Saudi Arabia.
  • -Qtel.
  • -Telco.
  • -Al-Jazeera News Channel.
  • -The General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • -Jian.
  • - STC.
  • - Citizen International Marine Safety.
  • -Al-Shaya Trading Group.
  • -The Shura Council and the Bahraini Parliament.