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Full video courses can be purchased

Full video courses that can be purchased and taken advantage of

Full video courses that can be purchased and taken advantage of:
1. Complete programming - diploma - practitioner - advanced practitioner
2. Mini Master in Self Management - Musab
3. Mini Master in Family Guidance
4. Mini Master in Strategic Planning
5. Mini Master in Human Communication
6. The international trainer professional in human energy technologies
7. Diploma of NLP
8. Diploma of smart change - Islam Al-Ansari
9. Diploma of public relations with language programming techniques
10. Diploma in administrative leadership with language programming techniques
11. Diploma in establishing and managing personal projects
12. Diploma in manpower
13. The dynamics of human distinction
14. Hermann scale of character analysis
15. NLP practitioner
  • The cost of investment per session is $ 350
  • In case of wanting 3 - 5 courses, the cost of one session becomes 300 dollars
  • As for the desire to obtain the full courses, the full course amount becomes $ 1950

Mind Management (NLP): Accredited Diploma

Certified Practitioner (Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line) ****** Advanced Practitioner (Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line) *****

Advanced Skills Course in Influencing Arts in Others "Using the Language of Consciousness and Subconscious (Special Code)"

Compass, personality patterns and understanding of psychology Certified Practitioner in Human Relations Analysis (TA) Transactional Analysis Certified Practitioner in Spiritual Analysis of the Nine Personality (Ingram)