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We welcome you to the official website of the International Federation for Human Resources Development IHRDA: International HRDAssociation, which is interested in continuous training and development and providing consultations in the field of administrative development for organizations and institutions that want to provide professional services with a high degree of efficiency, proficiency and creativity as well as self-development and social through the group And professionals in these areas on an ongoing basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We are a group of specialists, experts and professional trainers who have high accreditation from parties that have a great weight and a good reputation in the field of research, development, training and providing consultations to organizations and individuals in the field of training, quality and continuous development and that stems from a great experience of more than 15 years for major companies and more than 20,000 people have benefited From these experiences.  

Our Mission

Providing and graduating a high-level and advanced level of trainers and consultants through approved curricula and training materials influential in the field of developing organizations, individuals and knowledge to reach a state of quality, creativity, leadership and continuous development in innovative and enjoyable ways

Our Vision

By the end of the year 2025, God willing, we have trained 100,000 trainees and 10,000 certified trainers and consultants with a high level of quality and global mastery in the field of training, research and development, R & D, administrative and personal

Our Services

We provide many services in our field, the most important of which are: preparing and training certified trainers, supporting trainers with what they need from training materials and others at appropriate costs, accreditation system, training materials and centers, and equivalence of trainers ’certificates


Our Services

We provide many services in our field, the most important of which are: * Preparing and training certified trainers. * Support the trainers with the training and other materials they need, at appropriate costs. * The accreditation system for training materials and centers, the equivalence of trainers ’certificates, and provision of accredited certificates and certificates for trainers and trainees. * Providing general and special training programs by high-quality consultants and trainers, according to the TNA, 4 MAT, HBDI system, and others. * Marketing for certified trainers from the Federation and others on the site ... and other services.   Our coaches and advisors: They practised training, development, and consulting for a long time, and for a group of major companies in several fields, and they have international credits, including but not limited to: -The International Union of Psychological Engineering Trainers (INLPTA). -The British Academy for Human Resources Development (HRDA). - International Academy of Calligraphy Analysis (IAHA) and the American   Board of Hypnosis (ABH). -The British Chapter Management of Cerebral Domination (HBDI) and others.    Entities: There are many parties that have benefited from the advice and courses of our experts, for example: -Toyota International. - SABIC. -Aramco Saudi Arabia. -Qtel. -Telco. -Al-Jazeera News Channel. -The General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council. -Jian. - STC. - Citizen International Marine Safety. -Al-Shaya Trading Group. -The Shura Council and the Bahraini Parliament.

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2 / 2 / 2020
Yusra Abdullah is Managing Director of Human Resources at IBM Terminals

IBM Terminals Bahrain, the operating company of Khalifa Bin Salman Port, has announced the appointment of Yousry Abdullah as the General Manager of Human Resources at the company. Yousry Abdullah joins the management team at the company with 16 years of experience in the field of human resources with a specialization in employee welfare and welfare, in addition to management experience. It will focus on the strategic direction of human resource management practices, training and development of employees at all levels, career advancement and women's empowerment. On this occasion, Susan Hunter, CEO of IBM Terminals Bahrain stated, “Yousra brings with her new position as general manager of human resources in the company extensive experience, as she joins our team as a supporter of efforts to empower our employees and develop their skills, while at the same time promoting and supporting a culture of equal employment opportunities. With her experience working with people from different fields and ethnicities, we look forward to her contribution to strengthening the role of human resources in the company to better serve business requirements and help develop the future marine workforce in Bahrain. We wish her the best of luck in this new stage. ” For her part, Yousrya said: “I am delighted to have joined the team of IBM Terminals, one of the organizations that are fully committed to the economic and social growth in Bahrain. In our current globalized and fast-paced world, safeguarding employee welfare is extremely important for institutional growth, which is essential for us at IBM Terminals. This year we will focus on career succession and rewards programs to enhance our employees ’experiences and prepare them to help achieve our long-term strategic goals.” Source: Akhbar al Khaleej Newspaper

3 / 2 / 2020
Al-Jamra obtains a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management

Al-Jamra obtained a master’s degree for his study of employee empowerment and its effect on organizational commitment (an applied study at the University of Jordan Hospital) under the supervision of Dr Khaled Bani Hamdan and the membership of Dr Al Hareth Abu Hussein and Dr Muhammad Al-Ajlouni. Al-Jamra said that his study aimed to identify the availability of the dimensions of empowerment of workers and the availability of organizational commitment and the effect of empowering workers on the organizational commitment of workers at the University of Jordan Hospital, and applied to a total sample of workers at the upper and middle administrative levels. Al-Jamra explained that the analysis indicators in the study revealed that the study sample possesses to adopt the empowerment strategy at a level above the average and that there is a positive correlation between each dimension of employee empowerment and the level of organizational commitment. This means that adopting a staff empowerment strategy will reinforce the employee’s commitment to the organization. While the study found that there was a moral effect to exclude the empowerment of workers at the macro level and its dimensions at the commitment level. In a press statement to Al-Jamra, he said: He is working on preparing more studies and research that will raise the level of work, in harmony with the university's vision towards a smart university, stressing that he will harness all his career and research capabilities in the university's growth and prosperity. Al-Jamra has extensive experience in human resource management for about 12 years, during which he held the presidency of the Physicians Division from 2013 until today, and previously worked as head of the Personnel Division. Source: Ammon Newspaper

31 / 1 / 2020
Cairo Center for Human Resources Development holds training courses in the governorates

Major-General Khaled Abdel-Al, Cairo Governor, stated that the Cairo Center for Human Resources Development will hold several training courses in the governorates of Dakahlia, Eastern, Matrouh and Alexandria during the month of February to activate the cooperation protocol between the governorate and the Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers to rehabilitate workers in information centers in other governorates and the administrative sector in the country within the framework of a strategy Sustainable development, Egypt Vision 2030 and the administrative reform plan. Abdel-Al added that these courses are aimed at administrative development and publicizing the administrative reform plans currently adopted by the state and developing the leadership skills of the trainees and developing their capabilities to understand the application of basic concepts related to leading business groups in institutions and the effective contribution in providing information and data and analyzing them to support decision-making officials and strategic planning, in addition to To provide better public service and qualification of a government employee capable of good planning and innovation in his fields of work. The Governor indicated that these courses will be held in Dakahlia Governorate from February 1 to February 8, in Sharkia Governorate from February 15 to February 22 and in Matrouh Governorate from February 21 to February 28, and in Alexandria from February 22 to February 29. He added that these courses will improve the level of services and facilities and push the developmental plans of the governorates, in addition to refining the skills and developing the leadership capabilities of workers, so this contributes to creating a second leadership class of employees in various fields. Source: Akhbarelyom newspaper

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