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Al-Jamra obtains a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management

Al-Jamra obtains a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management

  • 3 / 2 / 2020

Al-Jamra obtained a master’s degree for his study of employee empowerment and its effect on organizational commitment (an applied study at the University of Jordan Hospital) under the supervision of Dr Khaled Bani Hamdan and the membership of Dr Al Hareth Abu Hussein and Dr Muhammad Al-Ajlouni.

Al-Jamra said that his study aimed to identify the availability of the dimensions of empowerment of workers and the availability of organizational commitment and the effect of empowering workers on the organizational commitment of workers at the University of Jordan Hospital, and applied to a total sample of workers at the upper and middle administrative levels.

Al-Jamra explained that the analysis indicators in the study revealed that the study sample possesses to adopt the empowerment strategy at a level above the average and that there is a positive correlation between each dimension of employee empowerment and the level of organizational commitment. This means that adopting a staff empowerment strategy will reinforce the employee’s commitment to the organization. While the study found that there was a moral effect to exclude the empowerment of workers at the macro level and its dimensions at the commitment level.

In a press statement to Al-Jamra, he said: He is working on preparing more studies and research that will raise the level of work, in harmony with the university's vision towards a smart university, stressing that he will harness all his career and research capabilities in the university's growth and prosperity.

Al-Jamra has extensive experience in human resource management for about 12 years, during which he held the presidency of the Physicians Division from 2013 until today, and previously worked as head of the Personnel Division.

Source: Ammon Newspaper

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